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Our affordable and easy-to-use online scheduling services will help you take your business to the next level. Whether it’s helping you grow your revenue, increase client retention or put a smile on your clients’ faces, Ubooq can help.

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Why Choose Ubooq?

Ubooq makes it easy to manage all your client booking needs

Save time

Think of all the time you spend answering phone calls and emails, sifting through your appointment books and following up with clients. These are all unnecessary distractions to your day. Even just a few minutes on the phone scheduling with your clients adds up to valuable time that can be better spent on your business.

Generate Buzz through Social Media

Social network integration lets satisfied customers easily spread the word about your services to their networks and friends, helping you grow your business as a result.

Verify Client Information

The very first time a client logs in, Ubooq authenticates that the phone number provided is in fact theirs, ensuring that only real clients have access to request your services, keeping spammers at bay.

Instant Access to your Schedule

All of your appointments and relevant client data are stored in one place. You can access this information instantly, anywhere, any time.

Why your Clients will Love Ubooq too

Instant Booking Anytime

Your online reception is open all day, every day. Customers no longer have to wait to reach you during office hours, or wait to speak to someone who can help them. With Ubooq, your clients can just go online for real-time booking at their own convenience.

Simpler Scheduling

Your clients select their desired service and preferred time, type in their mobile phone numbers, and wa-lah, you both are all set! No logins, no passwords, no fuss.

Appointment Ticket

As soon as a client books an appointment, Ubooq sends all of the details directly to their mobile phones. Your clients receive confirmation instantly and can use it as an e-ticket to show upon arrival.

Appointment Reminders

Ubooq sends your clients friendly reminders via text message shortly before their appointments, saving you the hassle and time of having to call or email them to ensure a timely arrival.

Our Clients

Ubooq provides a seamless online scheduling experience that is tailored to your business needs,
whether you are an attorney, a hairdresser or a harp tutor.

And many more!

How our Online Receptionist Works

Set up your online scheduling services in just a few minutes with four easy steps:

STEP 1.Name, Contact & Location

To create your free account, just type in your business name, contact details, and set your location.

STEP 2. Staff & Business Hours

Add the rest of your team to the system and include their available appointment times.

STEP 3. Services & Prices

List your services, set prices, and assign your team members to their provided services.

STEP 4. Reception, Links & Buttons

Finally, copy and paste a Ubooq-generated HTML snippet to your website or Facebook page. This creates a button that sends clients directly to Ubooq to book their appointments.


You and your clients are now ready to go -- Let the appointments roll in!

Ubooq lets you book your first 30 appointments
absolutely free of charge.

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Once your free trial ends, you can select the most affordable plan for your business.

1 Staff Member
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  • Up to 300 appointments
  • Up to 300 mobile messages
  • All Ubooq features
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Up to 5 Staff Members
  • Unlimited customers
  • Up to 1000 appointments
  • Up to 300 mobile messages
  • All Ubooq features
  • Free setup
$ 39
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Team Plus
Up to 10 Staff Members
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited mobile messages
  • All Ubooq features
  • Free setup
$ 69
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