A Scheduling Software for Attorneys

How do attorneys benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq releases attorneys from all the hassle of appointment booking.

Your job keeps you busy, and it's difficult to balance all of the stress that comes with being an attorney with the duty of setting up meetings, keeping track of clients, and reminding them when to meet. You need an organized, intelligent, 24/7 receptionist— but who can afford to hire one? That's where ubooq comes in.

When you're in an intense meeting that can't be interrupted, ubooq is there to take down all of your appointments. You can even integrate ubooq with social networks, so clients can book a meeting with you while doing their daily Facebook check.

Then, when it's convenient for you, you can sit down and check on your scheduled appointments. It's the best way to have a receptionist, without paying one. Less talking on the phone and searching through emails means more time for you to do what you do best.

Clients book appointments. You represent them. We’ll do the rest.

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