A Scheduling Software for Counselors

How do counselors benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq provides counselors and their clients with an easy way to book appointments.

Counselors in private and small group practices spend hours every week scheduling appointments. This is time that should be used to see clients or to complete documentation for insurance billing— in other words, activities that pay. On top of that, clients missing appointments are a constant problem — so bad, that some counselors habitually double-book themselves to ensure a full schedule. However, this can result in cutting appointments short, arriving late, overworking, and, ultimately, unhappy clients.

Clients have trouble scheduling appointments because counselors are often in meetings all day. So the client is forced to leave a voicemail and just wait for their counselor to call back. Not with ubooq.

Ubooq offers an enormous improvement in office efficiency for counselors and their clients. Counselors start an account and set it up (with support from ubooq if needed). They can decide on the type of setup needed to handle different services or types of appointments.

Clients create an account and can schedule an appointment in real time, 24/7. No more phone calls and appointment books! Once they sign up, they’ll verify their phone numbers and ubooq sends a confirmation of their booking. Ubooq also helps reduce no-shows by sending a reminder text to the client.

No more half-legible appointment books. No more harried receptionists and constantly ringing phones. Ubooq will take care of all your scheduling worries.

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