A Scheduling Software for Medical Doctors

How do doctors benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq frees doctors from all the hassles of scheduling appointments

Many doctors spend all day running from one patient to the next, giving the best personal care to every one, all while trying to run a successful business. Most offices have one or more receptionists employed just to take calls, schedule, and reschedule appointments.

The challenges of managing multiple doctors' schedules, the different types of appointments, and all the constant rescheduling can be enough to drive even your best clerical employees to the mad house. Not only that, patients get frustrated with long hold times waiting to talk to the scheduler or nurse, who are then forced to give personal medical information on the phone.

Ubooq offers a better way for doctors, nurses, their employees, and their patients.

Ubooq allows your patients to schedule their own appointments online in real time — at any time of day or night. All they have to do is type in their phone number and pick an available time. Ubooq will automatically send them a text message confirmation, and will even send a text reminder shortly before their appointment, cutting down on no-shows. This lets you spend more time helping people.

Ubooq will also free up time for your office staff, so they can start to tackle the othermountains of paperwork they need to file. They’ll no longer have to worry about constantly taking calls and searching through appointment books.

Patients book online. You treat them. We take care of the rest.

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