A Scheduling Software for Pet Groomers

How do pet groomers benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq provides pet groomers and their clients a painless way to schedule appointments.

The pet grooming and dog-walking business is growing quickly. Every day new businesses are opening up out of homes, storefronts, and even vans. With more and more competition emerging, it’s extremely important that you have an easy, quick, and painless way for clients to sign up for your services.

That’s where ubooq comes in.

Ubooq offers dog-walking and pet grooming businesses an extremely efficient solution for booking appointments. Clients can sign up by simply entering their phone numbers and selecting a time and service. Ubooq automatically sends them a confirmation text message, and will even send a reminder text shortly before the appointment.

Most importantly, all the scheduling is done online, so your business no longer has to dealwith endless phone calls and illegible appointment books, and clients can sign up in real time, 24/7. No more checking voicemails every morning, trying to write down names and numbers as you attempt to decipher that staticky lo-fi message. No more having to answer the phone while trying to wrestle a Newfoundland into a bath. All you have to do is check online, and you’ll find your schedule.

No more cluttered calendars, bursting email inboxes, and ringing phones. Ubooq gives you all the perks of having an intelligent, organized, 24/7 receptionist — without having to pay another salary.

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