A Scheduling Software for Photographers

How do photographers benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq makes it easy for photographers and their clients to book appointments.

You need to focus your time on getting that perfect shot. The perfect angle, the perfect lighting. It takes concentration, effort, and precise timing to be a great photographer — you shouldn’t be worrying about scheduling on top of that.

That’s why we created ubooq. Ubooq frees up all that time you use to spend on the phone or email booking photo shoots, so you can actually get out and shoot!

Clients sign up for appointments in real time, at any time of day or night. You no longer have to deal with phone calls in the middle of your photo shoot, disturbing the moment or upsetting your model or client. Ubooq will take care of all your bookings, and you can just check your schedule when you get a chance. Clients will receive a text message confirmation, as well as a text reminder shortly before the appointment.

You have a lot to deal with. Your job is to create the perfect image; the perfect shot at the perfect time. You have cameras, lenses, f-stops and shutter speeds, lighting and angles to consider.

So let ubooq take care of your scheduling. You won’t regret it.

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