A Scheduling Software for Mental Health Professionals

How do psychologists benefit from ubooq?

Ubooq frees mental health professionals from the constant hassle of appointment booking.

Mental health professionals are often extremely busy people who need to be available totheir patients as much as possible. They see many clients throughout the day, and keeping track of every patient’s bookings can be a daunting task — especially since most insurance companies do not pay psychologists for anything other than face-to-face contact. That means any time spent on the phone booking and rescheduling appointments is unpaid labor.

Patients are also extremely busy. They have the pressures of work, school, family, and social life — they don’t want booking sessions to be another source of stress to add on.

That’s where ubooq comes in. Ubooq allows patients to schedule appointments on their own, in real time, 24/7. All they have to do is sign in using a phone number and select the time they want. They will get a text message confirmation, as well as a text reminder shortly before the appointment — this cuts down on no-shows. The therapist only needs to spend a few minutes setting up his or her account, and it’s ready to use. That’s it.

Ubooq lets psychologists spend their time doing what they do best — seeing patients helping them get better. Clients can focus on living their lives stress-free. Your office staff can focus on filing that mountain of paperwork they’ve been putting off.

Ubooq can also be embedded into your professional website or social media sites, allowing patients to sign up with ease.

No more cluttered calendars, bursting email inboxes, and ringing phones. Ubooq gives you all the perks of having an intelligent, organized, 24/7 receptionist — without having to pay another salary!

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